Most profitable companies are not for sale. Therefore, a buyer who is purely opportunistic and waits until companies are offered on the market, would miss out on a large number of potential targets and M&A transactions.


Companies that are openly available for sale are rarely attractively priced. Even if the purchase price appears moderate, it is likely that the seller has engaged professional consultants and is aiming to create a bidding war.


Jointly with you we develop a strategy for external growth and define a search grid with evaluation criteria for an active tactical approach. We deliver real transaction advisory services in Germany.


By taking the initiative we create a single buyer situation and the prospect for a successful conclusion is extremely high.


We determine a plausible and fair purchase price, which leaves enough potential for further increases in value after integration in your business portfolio. We implement the acquisition and support our private equity and corporate clients in the German Mid Cap market in achieving an optimal transaction structure while also ensuring the acquisition financing through specialized credit institutions.